Choosing a real estate and settlement agent

You probably have heard about the fact that your home is the most valuable asset that you will ever own in your lifetime. So it makes sense that when it comes to selling your house, that you get the best possible return. But unfortunately many people find that getting the best return for your beloved house is not as easy as it sound. But don’t despair! There is a solution..

By hiring the right real estate agent and a professional settlement agent to act on your behalf will no doubt give you the advantage. Marketing your house and anything to do with conveyancing is an art. So we do not recommend tackling it yourself. Real estate agents will help you market your house to the public, whilst the settlement agent will negotiate an attractive settlement agreement between the buyer and seller to entice a better selling price.

But the question is… how do you choose the best real estate and settlement agent? With new companies popping up all around you, making the right decision may seem virtually impossible. However, by doing your research and following our tips below – we are confident that you will be smiling after selling your house at the best possible price.

Well, enough said.. let’s get straight into it. Some of our best tips for choosing the right person/agency:

  • Do Your Research! Although this may sound obvious, you’d be surprise by the handful of people who doesn’t and end up regretting it later. With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to do your research. Do a search on the internet on local real estate/settlement agents and read about what others are saying about them. Avoid the bad ones with low rating.
  • Go local. No one knows your local area than your neighbour! So it should come to no surprise that local agents tend to excel when dealing with local properties. Although it doesn’t mean that agencies outside of your local proximity won’t do as good as a job. Hence do your research! For example, Perth Settlement Agents will know Perth better than most.
  • See them in action first hand! Get off your behind and get out there! See them in action and take valuable notes. An example would be to attend home opens and observe their interactions with potential clients. Are the agents friendly? Are they attentive? Are they proactive? These are some questions you should ask yourself and take note on the day. Go on, give it a try!
  • Look at the results. Nothing speaks louder than words then results. Have a look at their past sales record… are they selling the house at above average listings?

So there you go. Some tips on how to choose the right real estate and settlement agent when selling your house. All the best and happy selling!

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